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Micro Soccer

What parents have been saying about our KenTon Micro sessions

"This is a great program. Our daughter had a lot of fun; they make learning skills into a fun game. She liked it so much she brought her neighbor from across the street - we will probably sign both of them up for the next session."

"The coaches did a great job and it was very enjoyable to watch our daughter improve throughout the session. This was our first experience with Ken Ton Soccer...and it will not be our last!"

"My daughter loved it thanks for adding a 3 year old program"


Micro Soccer is a year round program offered to boys and girls ages 3 - 7 years old and is the only program of it's find in the area. Spring, summer, fall and winter sessions are available. This is an instructional program for the beginner and intermediate soccer player. Players meet once a week for one hour. Our summer and fall sessions are held outdoors, while our winter and spring sessions are held indoors. This is an extremely popular program and has grown tremendously. This program provides a tremendous foundation for players who plan on moving on to youth teams.


A "fun first" philosophy is applied to this program. Coaches place a strong emphasis on not only the development of soccer skills, but also the development of each player from a cognitive, social, and psychomotor standpoint. Locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills will also be developed, as players improve soccer skills. Players gain confidence as they play in this fun and educational learning environment. Class sizes are kept small in order to maximize each players learning experience.

All of our coaches are certified and share our love for the game of soccer and a passion for working with young athletes.

We are proud to be the only full service, non for profit, and municipality endorsed soccer organization in the area.

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Inclement Weather

Please be advised that soccer is a game played in all weather conditions. Games and practices will not normally be cancelled unless coaches , or Kenton Soccer determine that conditions are unsafe for the players. We will try to reschedule events if possible, however, due to scheduling conflicts with the fields and gyms, we normally cannot reschedule. No refunds will be given for weather